Species cannot buy or sell goods that exceed their tech level. Supply and demand for standard goods changes every 24h.

Artwork Standard Trade Good Value
Stone Age
SF vegetables and meats Vegetables and Meats 150
SF nutritive fluids Nutritive Fluids 160
SF seeds and spores Seeds and Spores 185
SF tools and weapons Tools and Weapons 215
SF ceramic goods Ceramic Goods 240
SF native literature Native Literature 250
SF religious artifacts Religious Artifacts 255
SF musical instruments Musical Instruments 260
SF furs and skins Furs and Skins 275
SF art objects Art Objects 290
SF medicine and narcotics Medicine and Narcotics 310
SF work animals Work Animals 385
SF exotic pets Exotic Pets 380
SF gemstones and geoforms Gemstones and Geoforms 530
Metal Age
SF cloths and tapestries Cloths and Tapestries 360
SF metal weapons and armor Metal Weapons and Armor 430
SF native sciece texts Native Science Texts 500
Industrial Age
SF synthetic foods Synthetic Foods 410
SF synthetic materials Synthetic Materials 510
SF electronic devices Electronic Devices 580
SF genetic materials Genetic Materials 530
SF high tech devices High Tech Devices 630
SF robots and automatons Robots and Automatons 660