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Describes resources and tools used by the project.

Also details general access passwords.

SVN Repository (subversion control version system.)Edit

General acess information:

SVN contains the source for all engine variants and also the common Data dir and the Doc dir. Knowing how to work with the repository its an essential first step to start contributing to the project.

You have to install svn then create a dir for the project in your harddisk anywhere you want with any name you want then right-click on it, the click checkup respository and enter the svn site host and password. This will create a copy of the entire repo to that dir. Once you do an alteration, create a dir or add files use the contextual menu on the directory that contains the changes, right-click then checkout menu. The changes will be copied to the server after checking file versions. To know if anyone esle has updated the repo righ-click on your repo dir then click on update and the changes will be copied to your local copy of the repo.

On note the repo is aprox 400 mb so you may want to checkout only a part of it (sizes may be out of date.):

/Doc/ is 17MB - this is where developer and user manual files are
/Data/ is 197 MB
/External/ is 85 MB
/Mingw/ is 60MB
/Source/ is 190 MB
/Target/ is ~ 20MB before you build and ~ 200 MB after building

When you update the repo only update your changes never the entire repository. If you want to build with the msvc project you will need all except Doc and Mingw.

When submitting a change, please make sure to add descriptive comments to the description field, even if you're just checking in some reference files. Note that you can also go and update your comments on a changelist after the fact, if you need to make a correction - when viewing the log file, you can right-click on a changelist (or it's description - I don't have it in front of me at the moment.) and modify... This is important for scrolling log changes.


Ftp is used to exchange interesting files between project members but any file that relates to the project should be in the SVN repository instead.

Task Database/Bug TrackerEdit

The task list is used to register TODO records about the project and short term objectives. Browse the task list to know the state of the project and where the focus of this project contributions has been put on.

This will be implemented in the near future.

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